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Title: Confession of a Friend.
Recipient: [personal profile] scarredknees
Group(s)/Pairing(s): f(x) Sulli/Block B P.O.
Word count: 1500
Rating: PG
Warning(s): none
Summary: Sulli realizes that unusual circumstances are sometimes necessary in finding love.

With groups like Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, DBSK, and others; SM Entertainment was the biggest entertainment company in South Korea. Teenagers across the country aspired to become idols under the company, chicken and pizza franchises, school uniform makers and electronics companies wanted their idols to sponsor their products. Even drama producers vied for the idols-turned-actors that the company produced, itching to bring in millions of viewers from their well known faces.

But all good things must come to an end.

SM was staggering under the weight of its own greatness. With more members of Super Junior in the army than out, DBSK broken up as the members pursued their own activities, and the girls from Girl’s Generation ending their contracts quicker than they could replace them; SME was on the verge of collapse. Until one up and coming company decided to take pity on the struggling mogul and merge their companies together to create one massive conglomerate; producing the stars of the future.

Brand New Stardom was rising.

“So, what do you think of our new co-workers?”

Sulli looked up from her work as her co-worker and friend rolled her way into the opening of her cubicle, pen lodged between the space of her nose and mouth. She discreetly covered her doodles of cats with a nearby notebook and turned to face the older girl.

“They’re… something, aren’t they?” Amber had an amused grin on her face, obviously referring to the fact that their new co-workers, who had volunteered to move over to the remodeled SME building from BNS, had strolled into the offices a little after lunch looking more like a bunch of degenerate high school students than office employees at the largest entertainment office in Seoul.

Sulli shrugged, tugging at a lock of her hair. “Yeah, I guess. If by ‘something’ you mean intimidating and weird, then sure. Especially the guy who works on the sixth floor, you know the one, his hair is yellow. Not blond, yellow,” Sulli emphasized, staring intently at the other girl.

No one should have hair that yellow.

Amber laughed hard, head falling back against her chair and mouth dropping open. Sulli wanted to put something in there. Like a sock. “Ay, their harmless. And what’s the matter with yellow hair? I’ve had it before.” Amber rolled closer, close enough to prop her foot on the edge of Sulli’s desk, dislodging her stuffed bunny toy.

“Yes, well… his eyes are scary,” she huffed, straightening Mr. Pyong back.

“Whose eyes are scary?”

Sulli couldn’t hold back the shriek that escaped from her mouth at the unexpected voice, quickly turning in her desk chair to see two people looming over the partition that separated her cubicle from her neighbors.

It only took a brief moment for her to recognize one of the guys as the person she’d just been talking about and while she couldn’t read the expression on his face, his bespectacled friend seemed to find the situation incredibly funny, biting down on his knuckle to stifle his laughter.

“Uh…no….one?” she muttered, scooting back in her chair when she realized that, yeah, they were kind of close, and rolled her chair back to increase the distance from them. She vaguely felt pressure on the back of her chair; Amber undoubtedly had her foot pressed to it to keep the younger girl from just rolling right out of the office.

Sulli really wanted to roll her chair out the office.

“Ay, I’m sure she was talking about you, Jiho. You frighten even little children with your eyes,” his friend, who looked way less intimidating, though still a little greasy, said and elbowed him in the side. Jiho frowned and purposefully tried to make his eyes wider and while Sulli thought he meant it for him to look nicer, he just looked a little deranged.

She should’ve worked for DSP.

“Do you mind?”

Sulli glanced up from where she was turning her rice into a panda bear to see one of the employees from BNS hovering at her table. He had a tray of food with him and seemed nervous, even though she knew she wasn’t an intimidating person. She took a moment to curse the fact that Amber was working through lunch to sort out the new Canadian trainee, the trials of being one of the few English speakers apparently, and nodded, shifting her own lunch tray over to make room.

“I’m Pyo Jihoon.”

Sulli stared blankly at him before shaking his outstretched hand. His fingers were clammy where they gripped hers, his palm sweaty where it pressed against hers. She didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or grossed out.

“Choi Sulli. I work on the fifth floor.”

As soon as he let go of her hand, she picked up her spoon, continuing her panda without worry. Jihoon didn’t say anything, but as she was trying to maneuver her bean sprouts into the rice-panda’s paw, a tiny plate of dried seaweed bumped against her hand.

“You can’t have a panda without markings,” Jihoon said and Sulli glanced at his own tray to see he’d down the same as she had.

“No, I guess you can’t.”

Quicker than she thought possible, the new additions to their office had all but integrated themselves, blending in to the SME family with few hitches. They still came to work later than everyone else, still wore sneakers and caps and hoodies, still played and goofed off and updated their twitters multiple times a day while managing to do their work.

But they were nice and Sulli thought of them as friends, kind of. Mostly Jihoon. Only Jihoon.

Jihoon was sweet, sweet enough to drop candies on her desk when he passed by, sweet enough to keep her company at lunch when Amber ditched her to play translator, sweet enough to walk her to the copy room even when he had to be three floors away. Jihoon was funny with his imitations of everything from dinosaurs to hunchbacked grandmothers, funny when the only thing she wanted to do was curl up in her bed and mope, funny when he popped up next to her cubicle with pens in his mouth despite the fact that it was 8AM and the only thing she thought she wanted was coffee.

Sulli had always been a fan of the sun but even she’d think about living a nocturnal life if only she could continue seeing Jihoon.

“You should confess.”

“Amber, I told you I wasn’t the one that glued your face over all those posters.”

Amber frowned. “What posters?”

Sulli blinked, setting her stapler aside, “Po…sters?”

The older girl rolled her eyes and leant forward, resting her elbows on her knees. “Whatever. I was talking about how you should confess to Jihoon. You know, the tall guy who works below us who has absolutely no reason to be as cute as he is?”

Sulli felt a smile come to her face even at the mention of his name. “He is cute isn’t he?” she muttered softly, her eyes connecting with Amber’s. The older girl was smirking.


“I mean…why should I confess to him? Jihoon is just a friend…an oppa I’m friendly with… co-worker…” Even she knew she’d dug her own grave this time, she didn’t need Amber’s knowing look and smug smirk.

She hated that smirk.

“Confessions are trendy this time of year, aren’t they?”

It took weeks of Sulli dropping off bags of cheese nachos on his desk, messages written on her special bunny shaped sticker notes, and lunchboxes filled with all the unhealthy foods he liked before Jihoon thought to ask her what they all meant.

“Sulli-yah, I thought you didn’t like using this because it was out of print?” He was holding up one of the sticker notes, her handwriting visibly explaining her wish to meet him off work time.

They never met outside of work.

She curled her hand around the hem of her skirt, crinkling the material. She’d always laughed at the dramatic, staged versions of confessions she watched on television, but now, with Jihoon standing before her, the wind blowing up leaves around their feet, and the distant noise of kids getting off from school, she didn’t feel like laughing.

“I don’t, not really. But I like using it for special occasions,” she explained, keeping her gaze trained in her lap.

“And people.”

She could see Jihoon’s feet shift in position, stepping closer to her. Sulli didn’t lift her gaze to meet his.

“Special people?”

“Yes, special people. Special people who are friendly and kind, cute and funny. The special kind of people who light up rooms when they walk in even when the lights are already on. The special people who embarrass themselves to make others laugh and feel good.”

She finally glanced up, startled at how close he was, but didn’t flinch. She brushed her bangs from her face and met Jihoon’s gaze, for once, unable to tell what he was thinking.

“The special people who don’t ask to be loved, but are anyway.”

She stood, reaching out and grasping his hand, the note she’d written being pressed between their hands.

“People like you, Pyo Jihoon.”


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