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Title: break the ice
Recipient: [profile] wintersol
Group(s)/Pairing(s): amber/jessica
Word count: 2860
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): girl-on-girl sex and strong language.
Summary: Amber had just transferred to a new boarding school in Korea and was required to attend a two day orientation session there. However, she was already running more than a little late and her assigned orientation leader was getting more than a little impatient. Their first meeting is less than stellar but Amber’s oddly fascinated by her orientation leader, Jessica. Jessica, however, wants nothing more than to get rid of this obnoxious tomboy.

Amber ran. She ran as fast as her skinny chicken legs would let her. The dirty blonde was late for her first orientation session at her new school. She had just arrived in Korea almost a week ago and what with her limited Korean skills and her habit of easily getting distracted, this certainly wasn’t the first time she had been late for something.

As she ran through the campus, she could see a big group of girls walking away up ahead; a group she was supposed to be in.

“Crap, crap, crap.” Amber muttered to herself, clutching her schedule to her chest. She was supposed to be assigned to an upperclassman that would show her around the school and basically be her guide for the two day session. She was starting to worry about what if her senior had gotten pissed off and just left instead of waiting. However, as she got closer she noticed one girl standing there alone, about to walk away.

“Wait! Are you Jessica?!” She yelled, hoping this was the girl.

The girl turned around, looking her up and down. She was about the same height as Amber, a bit shorter actually. She had long light brown hair, and fox-like eyes. She was stunning actually. “Yes. Why? The boys are meeting on the other side of campus.” Her tone was so cold, it almost stung.

“Huh? Oh, I’m Amber. I’m your freshman.” Amber answered in her heavily accented Korean, panting.

“But you’re a boy.”

Amber laughed. “No. I know I’m wearing the boys’ uniform and all but it’s because I can’t stand wearing skirts. Believe me, I’m a girl.”

Jessica raised an eyebrow. “Prove it.”


Jessica sighed. “I don’t have time for this.” She reached up and started fondling the other girl’s chest, getting the proof herself. Amber froze in place, her jaw dropping. Well sure, she didn’t mind getting felt up by a hot girl but she totally didn’t see this one coming.

“Wha-“ The blonde managed to sputter out, her face turning pink.

“Hmph. Fair enough. Let’s go.” Jessica grabbed the younger girl’s hand and started dragging her along.

“Wait, you c-can’t just-“

“Oh and please just use English. Your Korean sucks.” Jessica said in English, her tone annoyed now.

“You speak English?” Amber asked, her previous feelings of shock (and slight arousal) replaced by feelings of joy. She had finally found someone else who spoke proper English.

Jessica didn’t even answer she merely gave her a “did-you-even-hear-what-I-just-said” look.

“Oh duh. Also I’m sorry I’m so late. My alarm didn’t-”

“Yeah, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I can’t believe they let you wear the boys’ uniform.” Jessica let go of Amber’s hand, slowing down the pace, and letting Amber walk next to her now.

“They didn’t actually let me…I just kind of wore it…” Amber answered, looking down at her long pants and vest.

“I know what it’s like in the states but here in Korea, most of the girls dress like girls.” Jessica said disapprovingly.

Amber laughed. “I don’t care. Dressing like a girl or a boy, I don’t really care. It just so happens that dressing like a boy is much more comfortable.”

Jessica scoffed. “You’re brave.”

Amber looked at Jessica. “Was that a compliment?”

Jessica didn’t answer, instead she suddenly stopped walking. They had arrived at the first stop on their schedule.

“We’re already late so be really quiet when you walk in, okay?” Jessica said, reaching for the door.

Amber rushed up, opening the door for her. “After you.” The blonde smiled, the brunette merely rolled her eyes.

They spent the next hour watching horribly boring presentations and listening to equally terrible speeches. Once it was all over, they were told to wait in the building for a while until they were allowed to go and eat. The students began to mingle and talk amongst each other. Jessica leaned against the wall, wanting nothing more than to just be in her dorm, napping.

“Hey Sica! You look like you’re having fun!” Yuri, one of her fellow classmates, came over, patting her shoulder.

“Fuck off.” Jessica grumbled, glaring at her.

Yuri chuckled. “So which one’s yours?” She asked, referring to her freshman.

Jessica pointed at Amber who was talking to another freshman girl with bright red hair.

“You got a boy?! Lucky!”

Jessica shot her a look.

“Or I mean….unlucky for you.” Yuri said, hinting at Jessica’s personal preference.

“He is a she. Her name’s Amber.”

“Oooh. Well, she’s kinda cute! Good for you!”

Jessica shrugged, looking away. “Not my type.”

Yuri opened her mouth to say something but just as she did, Amber came walking over, looking rather accomplished.

“Score. Just got a number!” She waved her cellphone in Jessica’s face, grinning.

Jessica pushed it away, rolling her eyes. “Good for you.”

Yuri laughed. “Looks like they’re starting to let us out, see you later, Sica.” She walked off, blending into the big group of students.

“Who was that?” Amber asked, looking off in the direction Yuri went.

“My friend, Yuri.”

“She’s pretty.” Amber said.

Jessica shrugged. “I guess.” Jessica then started to walk off, leaving through a different door as the rest of the group. Amber followed.

“Where are you going? We’re supposed to eat lunch with everyone.”

“Not hungry, you go ahead.” Jessica kept on walking. The two were now outside; Jessica made her way to the side of a building, and then abruptly stopped.

She pulled out a pack of cigarettes from her purse and lit up, taking a long drag.

“You don’t seem like a smoker.” Amber said, slightly disappointed.

“Yeah well, you don’t seem like a girl.”

Amber scoffed. “Why do you smoke?”

“It makes my voice deeper.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Because I hate my voice.”


“Because I sound like a chipmunk.” Jessica’s tone was irritated.

Amber laughed. “Well, true. That’s still not a good reason to do it.”

“How do you know what’s good for me?” Jessica raised an eyebrow at her, blowing smoke right in her face. As much as Amber hated the smell, she couldn’t deny how freaking hot Jessica looked when she did that.

“Why’d you come to Korea?” Jessica asked.

Amber looked at Jessica before answering, taking a moment to think. Jessica was so weird. They had just met and yet Amber was already endlessly confused by her. The brunette would act like she didn’t want Amber around and wanted nothing to do with her but all of a sudden she’d start asking the younger girl about herself, making it seem like she cared.

“I came to Korea for….the girls, to be honest.” Amber answered, jokingly.

Jessica almost laughed. “Seriously.”

“My parents said it was either here or China. I’d been to China before so I wanted to go somewhere new.”

“Where in the states are you from?” Jessica asked.


“Me too.” Jessica said, and then threw her cigarette on the floor, putting it out with her heel. She was about to light another one up but stopped to offer Amber one.

“No, thanks. My voice is deep enough already.”

Jessica shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

“Hey so, um, don’t we have to get to the next part of the schedule?”

Jessica shook her head. “They only check if you’re there for the first part, even though you’re supposed to go to the rest, they won’t notice if you’re gone.”


“Which means we can leave.” Jessica wasn’t looking at Amber as she said this; it was more like she was talking to herself.


“Follow me.” Jessica grabbed the younger girl’s hand, dragging her with her.


They had left campus and were now standing in line to get into a restaurant. Amber was worried she would get in trouble but when she looked down and saw Jessica holding her hand, the worry subsided.

“Why are we here again?”

“This is a couples-only restaurant I’ve been trying to get into since I moved here. The food is supposed to be amazing.”

“You’ve been single since you moved here?!” Amber blurted out; she couldn’t believe someone as attractive as Jessica had never found someone.

Jessica glared at her. “No. I just haven’t had….the right person to come with.” She answered carefully.

“What is that-”

“Next in line, please!” The hostess announced.

As Jessica and Amber moved up in line, Jessica latched onto Amber’s arm, pressing their bodies together.

The hostess smiled as she saw them. “Cute. Table for two?” Jessica nodded.

Amber was still trying to figure out what Jessica meant by the “right” person when the hostess walked into the restaurant.

“C’mon oppa, let’s go eat.” Jessica said in a fake sugary voice, pulling her along.

“Huh? Oh.” Amber started playing along. “Yes, honey~” She said in the most obnoxious voice she could muster up. Jessica looked like she was about to barf but covered it up with a fake smile.

Amber learned quite a few things about Jessica during that dinner. She learned that Jessica despised cucumbers (“Eat my salad.” “Why?” “It has cucumbers in it, just eat it, god.”). She learned that Jessica found her Stich impression amusing (“Hi, I’m Stitch.” “That was disgusting.” But Amber could see Jessica holding back a smile). She also learned that Jessica wasn’t as icy as she tried to make herself seem. After about 10 minutes into the dinner, the conversation started to flow easily and Amber thought that maybe they would become friends. But there was still one thing about Jessica that bothered her. Jessica didn’t seem interested in Amber at all. Usually, girls would be all flirty, talking in those high pitched baby voices and slapping her arm every time she told a joke. Jessica, however, shot down every attempt Amber made. Jessica was a challenge and for some reason, that made Amber try harder.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Jessica got up and reached for her purse. Amber was quick on her feet and took it for her. “Lemme carry it for you.” Amber smiled. “I can handle it, thanks.” And just like that, Jessica snatched the purse away. Amber sighed; maybe she should just give up.

They made their way back to campus, talking about nothing in particular. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, Jessica reached over and held Amber’s hand. She didn’t say anything as she did it and neither did Amber. She simply held Jessica’s hand in hers, acting like she didn’t notice.

“The freshmen stay in this building right?” Before Amber had realized it, they were at her dorm.

“Huh? Oh yeah, but let me walk you back to your dorm. It’s dark and all and you might-” Amber started but Jessica quickly cut her off.

“I can get to my dorm just fine, you, on the other hand, would probably get lost finding your way back. I’ll see you tomorrow, Amber.” And then she turned around and left.

“Thanks for dinner!” Amber called as Jessica walked away. Jessica merely waved her hand, without even looking back.

Just as Amber was walking back into her dorm she realized. “Shit, I should’ve paid for dinner.”


The second day of orientation passed by quickly and she didn’t see Jessica much. Most of the time was spent with the other freshmen and several professors. She longed to get away and talk to Jessica again; she wanted to figure the older girl out. Amber couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when a professor told them to go to the next room where they would meet up with their seniors to say goodbye.

“Jessica, hey!” Amber waved, walking over to her.

Jessica turned, noticing Amber. A smile spread on Jessica’s face but she caught herself and quickly replaced it with a more subdued expression.

“Hey.” Jessica answered, giving a slight wave.

“So today’s the last day, huh?” Amber said.

Jessica nodded. “Yup, then I’ll never have to see you again.”

Amber was slightly hurt. “Hey, c’mon. You had fun, admit it. You were charmed by me.” Amber jokingly said, smiling cheekily and wiggling her eyebrows.

Jessica scoffed, looking away. “Yeah, whatever.”

Amber was serious now. “Will I really never see you again? I mean this campus isn’t that- hey, I know! I never got your number. What is it?”

“There’s no way I’m giving you my number.”

“But what if I’m about to die and don’t know anyone else and it’s an emergency and I need someone.”

“You look like you know plenty of people already.” Jessica motioned to the group of girls across the room that were sneaking glances at Amber and giggling.

Amber turned to look at them. She sighed. “Fine.” Amber had officially given up on Jessica.

“Before you leave though…” Jessica said, taking Amber’s hand and leading her out of the room. “I’d like to give you a little parting gift.” She said once they were out of earshot, alone in the hall.

“A gift?” Amber was confused.

Jessica didn’t answer; they kept walking down the hall, taking turns here and there until they came to a barely lit corridor. The two walked down it and then Jessica opened a door to the right.

She flicked the light on but it barely made any difference, casting shadows all over the room. It was a dimly lit, empty classroom with a desk, several boxes and a few seats.

Jessica then closed the door and locked it, turning to Amber.

“What are you-” Amber started but she was cut off by Jessica’s lips crashing down on hers.

”What the hell?! Is this really happening?! How is this?! I don’t even…” Amber’s thoughts were a mess, she couldn’t believe what was happening.

Jessica’s body pressed Amber’s against the wall, one of her hands intertwined with Amber’s and the other making its way up Amber’s shirt.

“Wait a second!” Amber pushed her away, suddenly feeling angry.

“This whole time, I kept trying and trying to make a move but you cut me down every single time. You made it clear you didn’t like me, what are you doing?!” Amber practically yelled all at once, feeling every emotion from anger and confusion to arousal and desire.

Jessica didn’t say anything at first; she only looked at Amber with her eyebrow raised.

“Amber.” She whispered.


“Do you want this?” She asked, completely serious.

Amber opened her mouth to answer but quickly closed it. She didn’t know what to say.

“Do you?” Jessica asked again.

“Yes.” Amber answered finally.

“Then shut the fuck up and take it.” Jessica murmured, her lips finding Amber’s again.

This time, Amber let it happen. She let herself feel every touch, every move Jessica made. It wasn’t long before she was making moves of her own. Amber was careful at first, afraid that Jessica might swat her away but when she squeezed Jessica’s thigh and Jessica let out a small moan of pleasure, she kept her hands moving.

It wasn’t long before they were now lying on the only desk in the room with Jessica on top. Jessica began to remove Amber’s clothing one by one until she had nothing on but her underwear.

Jessica moved down, planting a kiss on Amber’s stomach before easily sliding Amber’s underwear off. That’s when she did it. Jessica slid her tongue into Amber’s most sensitive spot and Amber let out a moan that definitely sounded a lot girlier than she wanted it to.

Amber gripped Jessica’s shoulders and spread her legs, granting Jessica further access. This was nothing like anything she had ever felt before. Jessica was the best she had ever had. Jessica moved with experience, she knew just the spots to hit and it wasn’t long until Amber reached her climax, her hips buckling and her back arching. And it was only natural, of course, that she moaned Jessica’s name as she did so. Amber couldn’t shake off the feeling though, that something about Jessica’s moves was strangely familiar.

Jessica got off the desk, licking her lips and smirking. Amber lay there, panting, she was spent.

“Now hurry up and get dressed or you’ll be late for the send-off.” Jessica said, throwing Amber’s clothes at her.

“T-thank you…” Amber sputtered out, still trying to take it all in.

“Give me your phone.” Jessica said.

Amber slipped it out of her pants and handed it to her.

Jessica tampered with it for a bit, putting her own number into it.

That’s when Amber realized what it was about Jessica that was familiar.

“You remind me of my ex-girlfriend.” Amber said, pulling her pants up.

“Oh yeah?” Jessica didn’t look up; she was still tampering with Amber’s phone.

“Yeah, Krystal, she-” But Amber stopped when she saw the look on Jessica’s face. Her eyes were wide with shock.

“Amber…where in California did you say you were from?” Jessica spoke slowly, almost like she was scared.

“L.A. but I spent a lot of time in San Francisco before coming here. Why?”

“Oh my god…” Jessica mumbled, her head in her hand.

“What? What happened?” Amber was worried she said or did something wrong.

“I just fucked my little sister’s ex-girlfriend.”



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